Shoe Shining World Championship Is A Real Thing!

By Zack Stieber

Turns out there’s actually a real event called the shoe shining world championship.

The event is held once a year and features contestants working to shine a shoe to perfection. It started in 2017.

“We’ll not only look at the highest shine, but the most beautiful polish work is rewarded,” Shoegazing stated prior to the 2018 event.

“The finalists will have a can of Saphir Medaille d’Or Pate de Lux in the color of their choice, a can of Saphir Medaille d’Or Mirror Gloss in neutral, water, a brush, a polishing cloth and a nylon cloth, and they have 20 minutes to polish the shoe.”

The finalists were chosen based on shoes they sent in, according to The Shoe Snob, one of the judges along with a few others, including the man behind Shoegazing.

Video Credit: Vocativ

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