Puppy Saves Owner’s Home After Fire Starts in Yard

By Zack Stieber

An Alabama man said that a dog he’s only had for around a month saved his home from burning down.

Cameron McKee of Athens told WHNT that the puppy, a lab mix called Monster, alerted him after a fire started in the yard on Sunday afternoon, May 13.

The fire started when McKee and his girlfriend were fast asleep.

“Two of the dogs were on the bed with us sleeping. I think Monster was out in the living room and all of sudden, he comes running in and starts making noise and wakes my girlfriend up,” McKee explained.

“My girlfriend heard the crackling outside and a weird smell outside. She opened the front door and looks out and sees the whole front yard was in flames.”

McKee called the fire department and put out some of the flames with a fire extinguisher before the firefighters arrived and put out the rest.

The charred yard shows that the fire was within inches of hitting the house.

“This is the rescuer here. The hero! Monster woke us up and he said there`s something wrong out there,” McKee said.

“If it wasn’t for him I mean honestly, the shed would have caught fire. The fire spread all the way against the house. It was a matter of a couple more minutes and we could have lost everything.”

According to Dr. Karen Becker, many dogs seem to have a sixth sense, or an uncanny ability to sense potential danger and alert their owners.

“Dogs can alert their owners to medical emergencies, such as seizures or blood sugar problems, by detecting hormonal changes. They can even sniff out cancer in humans,” Becker wrote.

“Part of their sixth sense is undoubtedly due to their highly refined sense of hearing and smell, along with their ability to detect subtle vibrations in the earth and changes in the air (such as barometric pressure) or electromagnetic fields.”


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