CERN: Cause of the MANDELA EFFECT? Best Explained!

Have you ever remembered something so clearly and then all of a sudden finding out that it isn’t that way at all? Did it leave you so confused and shocked that you thought you were losing your mind?

You are not alone, this is the phenomenon known as the Mandela Effect. In this article we’re going to show you the top examples that will convince you that the Mandela effect is real. You can decide whether it’s nonsense.

The Mandela effect is a phenomenon where things were seemingly undoubtedly one way, and large groups of people remember it that way, but now it’s changed.

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It was named after Nelson Mandela who people remember dying on July 23rd 1991, which is even stated in a South African school book published in late 1991. But Mandela didn’t die until December 5, 2013. It caused so much discussion that people collectively started looking into it started to notice other examples of weird things changing.

Without further ado, here are the top examples in our full video: CERN: Cause of the MANDELA EFFECT? Best Explained!

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