Monkey Escapes Heat by Going for Dip in Public Swimming Pool

This is the moment a cheeky monkey escaped the heat by going for a dip in a public swimming pool–even attempting to “surf” on the floats.

Staff at the Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Municipal Garden pool in India said the little primate pops by for a half hour dip most days at 1 p.m. Locals said the monkey comes from nearby trees and dives into the water, and a video clip shows the animal using flotation aids to swim around.

Swimming pool manager Vijay Parole, from Pune in the Indian state of Maharashtra, said: “Just as we human beings feel discomfort in the scorching heat, so too the animals.

“To cool itself in this scorching summer, a monkey has started coming to the pool.

“It comes between 1 and 1:30 p.m. when there are very few people in the pool, swims for some time and leaves without causing any nuisance to anyone.”

Lifeguard Mohan Pawar added, “When this monkey comes to the pool we ask people in the pool to move to a side so that the monkey can enjoy a peaceful swim.

“The people also enjoy to see the monkey taking a swim.

“After swimming for some time, it leaves on its own.”

Credit: SWNS

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