Ryan Reynolds Says Putting Children Into Showbiz Is Like Child Abuse

Ryan Reynolds has joked that putting children into show business is like “child abuse.”

During a “Good Morning America” segment to promote his new superhero comedy sequel “Deadpool 2,” he was asked why he doesn’t want to put his children into show business.

“Mostly because I’m against child abuse,” he said, reported People.

“Show business, for a little kid, that’s a crazy pursuit. Acting is great. Theater school, that kind of [thing]—amazing. I don’t know why you would put your kid in show business,” he added.

The 41-year-old actor and his wife Blake Lively are parents to two daughters aged 3 and 19 months.

He previously said he would hate for his daughters to end up as child actors and alluded to how young stars in the past have suffered from mental health issues following their early rise to fame.

“I always think like if you put your kid in show business, just skip the showbiz part, just put them straight into rehab. I see people who are like, ‘Oh no I want my child to be like the star of something,'” he said, reported Celebretainment.

“I’m like ‘Why? Do you have no access to outside information? Have you ever read a newspaper?’ Don’t do that,” he said.

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