White House Comments on Libya Model Remarks, Said Will Use ‘Trump Model’

By Bowen Xiao

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was asked to comment on security adviser John Bolton’s recent remarks that North Korea should follow the “Libyan model” of nuclear disarmament.

Sanders said on Wednesday, May 16 that the White House has not seen that as part of the discussions.

“I haven’t seen that as part of any discussions, so I am not aware that that’s a model that we are using. I haven’t seen that that is a specific thing. I know that that comment was made, but I don’t think we are going off of … there is not a cookie cutter on how this works,” she said.

She continued saying that the White House was following the “President Trump model.”

“Look again, this is the President Trump model. He is going to run this the way he sees fit and we are 100 percent confident, as we have said many times before as we all know that you are aware, that he is the best negotiator and we are very confident in that front.”

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