Bride and Groom Take Huge Chance on Wedding Day

Newlyweds and experienced rock climbers Tom, 26, and Elaine Bunn, 24, reached the summit of a rock formation in their full wedding attire.

Elaine tackled the 50-foot Haytor Rocks in England in her full bridal gown and heels, while Tom decided he’d take on the steepest section in his wedding suit without using ropes.

They were at their wedding nearby, but during a break between speeches and dinner, they fled to the landmark to take pictures.

The couple met eight years ago at a local climbing wall and have shared a passion for it ever since.

“We have climbed on Dartmoor countless times and fell in love surrounded by its beauty, so climbing on our big day only felt natural, although I usually wear more appropriate attire,” said Elaine Bunn.

Credit: SWNS

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