Bride and Groom Take Huge Chance on Wedding Day

By Colin Fredericson

Newlyweds and experienced rock climbers Tom, 26, and Elaine Bunn, 24, reached the summit of a rock formation in their full wedding attire.

Elaine tackled the 50-foot Haytor Rocks in England in her full bridal gown and heels, while Tom decided he’d take on the steepest section in his wedding suit without using ropes. They were at their wedding nearby, but during a break between speeches and dinner, they fled to the landmark to take pictures.

Tom, 26, and Elaine Bunn, 24 celebrate their wedding with an unusual photo – on the top of Haytor in Dartmoor, Devon England. (Image via SWNS)

The couple met eight years ago at a local climbing wall and have shared a passion for it ever since.

“We have climbed on Dartmoor countless times and fell in love surrounded by its beauty, so climbing on our big day only felt natural, although I usually wear more appropriate attire,” said Elaine Bunn.

Elaine explained how they got around wearing wedding attire during their climb.

“Getting up Haytor in my heels and wedding dress was not too bad, it was nice to not have to carry all the climbing kit for a change,” she said. “Tom is such a good climber that I wasn’t so much worried for his safety as that of his new suit and shoes. Dartmoor granite can be sharp.”

Tom, 26, and Elaine Bunn, 24 celebrate their wedding with an unusual photo – on the top of Haytor in Dartmoor, Devon, England. (Image via SWNS)

There are many tors like the one Tom and Elaine climbed at the Dartmoor National Park, in the county of Devon, in England. Legendary Dartmoor lists these granite formations.

Elaine is a civil engineer and Tom is the manager of a climbing wall. They first wanted their wedding cake to feature a similar scene of rocks, with their figurines climbing up. They then decided to recreate that scene in real life, since the wedding was nearby the tor.

“We left the guests as they were about to have dinner, both in our full wedding attire and Elaine even kept her heels on. She went up the easiest side on the back but I then free-climbed the harder route,” said Tom. “We just thought it would look pretty cool. I proposed on the top of a glacier in the French Alps two years ago and we are now on our honeymoon climbing mountains so there is a definite theme.”


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