True Scary Stories! Visit the Haunted Winchester Mystery House (2018)

The Winchester mystery house is one of the most haunted houses in history.  This house is mysterious in many ways, from the structures of the mansion itself to the backstory behind its development. 

Sarah Winchester was the woman responsible for the construction of the Winchester house. Her father-in-law, Oliver Winchester, created the first Winchester rifle. Oddly enough that same year Sarah and her husband, William, had a daughter named Annie who died a month after she was born due to a nutrient deficiency. It is said that this devastated Sarah. Years later, Oliver died in 1880, leaving his fortune to William. The following year, William died of tuberculosis, which gave Sarah the Winchester empire.

Sarah felt like she was being tormented by angry spirits so she went to a spirit medium in Boston, they told her that all the people who were killed by the Winchester rifle have all come back to haunt her family to get revenge on their deaths. They wanted to make Sarah’s life a living hell, they even told Sarah that although her husband and daughter appears to have died of diseases, it was actually caused by these spirits.

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The spirit medium then told Sarah to move out west and buy a big lot with a house. She was required to build on it day and night, exactly how the spirits wanted it to be. Sarah followed their instructions and this led to the creation of the unique Winchester house we know of today.

Many odd paranormal activities have been reported by visitors and tour guides throughout the years, and some have even been recorded on camera.

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