Hawaii Volcano eruption were triggered intentionally to induce Megatsunami?

Are the lava flow and earthquakes on the Big island purely accidental natural disaster, or the results of deep state intervention?

In this episode, Edge of Wonder Ben Chasteen and Robert Counts sit down with Dr. Michael Salla, Assistant Professor in the School of International Service, American University, to talk about what he thinks are really behind the recent volcanic eruption on the Big Island.

Dr. Salla is a recognized scholar in global politics and expert in “exopolitics”, the study of governmental and political process targeting extraterrestrial phenomena and beings.

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Dr. Salla currently lives in Hawaii and has a unique perspective on what is really happening on the big island. He found startling evidence showing intended human intervention that leads to recent disasters on the Big Island of Hawaii.

A company with financial ties to Rothschild family has been fracking near volcanoes in the Puna region, and even a partial collapse of the Kilauea volcano, which could lead to mega-tsunamis that engulf the entire Hawaiian Islands. Are the fracking practices scheme of the deep state? How did Hawaii become their target? Listen in on more of Dr. Salla’s insights: Truth Behind Hawaii Volcano Eruption EXPOSED by Dr. Michael Salla 2018

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