UFO caught on camera! Don’t miss these new sightings (2018)

NASA Live Feed of Huge Glowing UFO

There has been much discussion recently about NASA’s live feed which was suddenly cut out in 2016 when a glowing golden object appeared on camera. The object was described as being hundreds of miles long! The UFO was filmed from the International Space Station, and over the last several days, become the subject of much controversy online.

Unexplainable Footage of UFO Taking Off From the Moon

What is most interesting is that if this footage is real, it confirms what whistleblower Corey Goode said about the moon being a massive spaceport with ships constantly coming and going. David asked Corey why more people haven’t seen these ships coming from the moon, but Corey actually says that a lot of people do see them, and a few sightings have already been spread around online.

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UFO Streaks Across the Sky in North Queensland, Australia

Betty Seeney took a shot of a possible UFO from the beach in Cape Hillsborough, Queensland, Australia. She said it looked like a shooting star at first but then it got longer, bigger and brighter. It was then that she said, “this is no shooting star.” 

Watch the footage here: UFO Caught! Don’t miss these new sightings (2018)

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