Teen’s ‘Learning to Drive’ Videos Terrify Audiences Around the World

By Cathy Zhang

An Australian teenager’s driving lessons with his parents has become an internet smash, with his experience seeming to resonate with audiences all around the world.

In 2016, the then 16-year-old Kieran Davidson from Adelaide stuck a camera on the dashboard of his parent’s white hatchback to capture his first attempts behind the wheel. The result was a series of comical—and terrifying—videos that both parents and novice drivers can relate to.

A compilation of this footage uploaded to Kieran’s Facebook page has been viewed more than 3.3 million times.

(Screenshot via KDVlogs)
(Screenshot via KDVlogs)

In the video, Kieran’s mother and father, Pam and Shane, are seen in the passenger’s seat accompanying the teen as he learns to drive stick, with both employing contrasting teaching styles.

Pam takes a more hands-on approach, appearing visibly anxious as she shouts directions to her struggling son. She can even be seen taking the wheel when things got too hairy. Meanwhile, Shane showed a more restrained manner, though cracks in his calm veneer started to show when Kieran stalled the car three times after attempting to shift out of neutral.

Kieran told the ABC that in the two years since these videos were taken, he has still not passed the driving test which would allow him to drive unsupervised.

“I’m still terrible,” Kieran said. “It’s just the clutching and stalling it.”

Pam, who says her son’s driving is a “heart starter,” offers an explanation for Kieran’s difficulties behind the wheel.

“It’s spatial awareness — he’s just got none,” she said, reported the ABC.

“He’ll go straight to a roundabout, and just going down a road where there’s parked cars, he’s way too close to them.”

Despite Kieran’s failure to obtain a license, his now viral videos have led to successes on other fronts.

The Davidson family have reportedly received a business offer from an undisclosed America source and are due to fly to Los Angeles later in the year.

Being an internet star also led to the 19-year-old being recognised around Adelaide, and even invited to a 21st birthday party of a fan who saw his video, according to the broadcaster.

Pam has some words of advice for other parents who are taking their children for their first spin.

“As the instructor, try to be forward thinking and don’t panic,” she told the ABC.

“Get home alive.”

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