Police Officer Rescues Toddler on Highway Who Escaped From Home

By Janita Kan

A police officer in Illinois was captured on dashcam rescuing a toddler who was running alone on a highway last month, police have said.

The police footage, which was posted to Facebook, shows Sgt. Anthony Mannino driving on Route 59. A young child can be seen running south along the right-turn lane. At one point, the little boy passed just a few feet away from a truck.

Mannino is then heard describing the child as a “1-year-old boy” in the footage. He was also seen jumping out of his patrol car and bolting towards the child screaming “hey” and “come here” to the boy.

Fortunately, Mannino was able to catch up with the boy and stop him from running any further. He repeatedly told the child, “You’re okay. You’re okay.”

The last thing the recording showed was the officer asking the boy for his name.

According to Naperville Police Department, the little boy had “escaped his mother’s watchful eye.” He had left his house and managed to get onto Route 59. Fortunately, no one was hurt during the incident.

Mannino was praised for his quick reaction and as a result, was awarded the department’s Life-Saving Award on June 7.

Some social media users also shared their stories of when their children escaped without them noticing.

“My 2-yr-old son was an escape artist, he’s now in his 30’s we both survived, my hair is also snow white,” one social media wrote.

“I’m a mom of four sons, every one of them escaped (police may have been involved once), and we all survived into adulthood,” another user shared.

“I had a son that was so fast and would try to take off anytime he could. [M]y husband and I learned to both go different directions but kids are fast. [O]h my son is now 35 he caused some grey hairs,” another wrote.

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