Why are Earth’s magnetic poles shifting and how will this affect you?

What lies under the ice of Antarctica is something beyond your imagination – the largest volcanic region on Earth.

Remote surveys by researchers from the University of Edinburgh found 91 volcanoes under the ice sheets of West Antarctica. The bad news is that these volcanoes are all active.

In this exclusive interview with Dr. Michael Salla, we discuss the melting of West Antarctica due to active volcanoes and its impact on the shifting of Earth’s North & South Poles. It’s important to understand the consequences of such a disastrous event and to prepare for what needs to be done.

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Dr. Salla is a recognized scholar in global politics and expert in “exopolitics”, which is defined as “the study of the key political actors, institutions and processes associated with the UFO phenomenon and the extraterrestrial hypothesis.”

Listen in on more of Dr. Salla’s insights: Pole Shift Linked to Volcano Activity in Antarctica 2018 [10-20 yrs Left] Dr. Michael Salla

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