7,000-Year-Old Native American Burial Site Discovered in Florida

A Native American burial site believed to date back thousands of years was discovered in Florida this year.

The site was found by archaeologists after divers discovered potential human skeletons just off Manasota Key, according to the Florida Department of State.

The burial site is thought to date back 7,000 years.

“Our hope is that this discovery leads to more knowledge and a greater understanding of Florida’s early peoples,” Secretary of State Ken Detzner said in a statement after the discovery in March.

The site measures roughly 0.75 acres.

“Research indicates that during this time period, when sea levels were much lower, a small inland freshwater pond was present and ancestors of Florida’s indigenous people interred their deceased there. As sea levels rose, the pond was covered by the Gulf of Mexico; despite the flooding, the peat bottom of the pond remained intact. Peat slows the process of organic decay, which allowed the site to stay well preserved,” the department stated.

Video Credit: Bureau of Archaeological Research, Florida Department of State

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