Arizona Killer’s Ex-wife Says Family Is ‘Grateful to Be Alive’ After Murder Spree

By Chris Jasurek

For nine years Connie Jones lived in fear—fear that finally ended when her ex-husband took his own life.

Her ex-husband was alleged mass-murderer Dwight Jones, suspected of slaying of six people in a five-day period.

That killing spree ended on June 4 when 56-year-old Dwight Lamon Jones, knowing police were closing in, shot himself in a Scottsdale, Arizona, hotel room.

Jones’s victims included a forensic psychiatrist who had testified against him in a 2010 trial, and two paralegals who worked for the lawyers representing Connie Jones, a marriage counselor apparently targeted in a case of mistaken identity, and two others.

Jones traveled between three cities to track down his victims.

Connie Jones believes she was next on the list.

“We know we were the primary targets of Dwight Jones and we are grateful to be alive,” she told, speaking of herself and her current husband.

Connie Jones divorced Dwight Jones in 2009, after more than 20 years of marriage. Her life since that time has been a nightmare.

“I really have been on high alert for nine years,” she said. “I felt that I had a personal terrorist.”

A Man Seeking Revenge

Connie Jones married former police detective Richard Anglin, who made it a priority to keep his family safe from her disturbed ex, a man she calls “a maniac.”

“It was my job to protect both Connie and her son,” Anglin explained.

“We had three safe houses, countless rental cars. We had attack-trained dogs that we had to bring in, 24-hour security.

“Dwight Jones repeatedly tried to get through our security, but he was never able to gain access to the family. But it wasn’t because he didn’t try.”

Connie Jones also took firearms and defensive driving courses, in case her ex caught her and she needed to flee, ABC News reported.

While they were married, Jones physically abused his wife on several occasions. Finally, Connie Jones decided she had had enough after her then-husband attacked her in front of their only child.

On that same night, Dwight Jones threatened to kill his wife, according to court records, threatening that “the police would find her at the bottom of the pool.”

At a press conference on June 12, Connie Jones said that her ex-husband threatened to kidnap their child and flee the country, and also told her he would hunt her for as long as it took to get his revenge for her leaving him.

A Trail of Vengeance

Jones’s first murder victim was Dr. Steven Pitt, 59, a well-known forensic psychiatrist who had testified during the Jones’s 2010 divorce hearings that Dwight Jones suffered “anxiety disorder, mood disorder, and features of an anti-social, narcissistic, and paranoid personality.”

Pitt further testified that Jones “poses a high risk to perpetrate violence toward mother, the minor child, and/or himself.”

Police believe Jones tracked down Pitt at his office in Phoenix, Arizona, and killed him on May 31, ABC News reported.

Jones then traveled to Scottsdale, where he had located two of the paralegals who had assisted in the divorce proceedings.

Jones allegedly murdered this pair, Veleria Sharp, 48, and Laura Anderson, 49, on June 1. They were at work at the offices of the law firm law firm of Burt, Feldman, and Grenier, which had represented Connie Brown.

Jones allegedly shot and killed Marshall Levine, 72, also in Scottsdale, on June 2. Levine, a life coach and life counselor, was shot in his office.

Levine was renting the office from a woman who had counseled Jones’s son during the divorce proceedings. Police believe she was the intended victim, according to AZCentral.

The final two victims were a married couple from Fountain Hills, Arizona. Their link to the divorce proceedings, if any, is unknown.

Connie Jones Helps Stop Her Ex

According to Scottsdale Police Commander Rich Slavin, Dwight Jones’s trail of murder would likely have continued if Connie Jones hadn’t called in to tell police she thought it was her ex-husband.

Connie said in a statement on June 11 that her current husband, retired Phoenix police Detective Richard Anglin, had connected the names of the victims and told his wife.

Anglin and Connie Jones told the police of their suspicions, which led to Jones’s being stopped.

“My husband, Richard Anglin (a retired Phoenix police detective), recognized the connection to my divorce and the three crime scenes and he notified the Phoenix Police violent crime unit on Saturday night,” she said in the statement, according to AZCentral.

“I also contacted the Scottsdale Police Department on Sunday morning,” she said.

Connie Jones concluded the statement by saying, “Any reward money collected will be donated to the families of the victims and to Chrysalis, the nonprofit agency that helps victims of domestic abuse and violence.”


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