California Family Hopes for Miracle After Toddler Nearly Drowns

The Eckles family says they are “praying for a miracle” after their two-year-old son Hunter fell into their gated swimming pool and nearly drowned last Friday.

“It’s been a horrifying experience. It’s horrible,” said his mother Lisa Eckles. “I tell him he has to come back to me. There’s no other options. Mommy’s here and I’m not letting you go anywhere.”

Hunter was airlifted from the family’s home in Modesto to Children’s Oakland Hospital. Still unconscious, his prognosis is poor at this point.

His family, however, has not given up hope.  His mother made a request to anyone who is willing, “Prayers. Prayers above all are amazing.  I welcome anybody from anywhere to pray and pray hard… because we’re up against the worst odds. I feel like there are miracles out there. There could be a miracle for my son,” she said.

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