Dancing FBI Agent Turns Himself in, Appears in Court After Bar Shooting

By Colin Fredericson

An FBI agent who showed up in a cell phone video dancing in a bar and accidentally triggering his handgun turned himself in.

Chase Bishop turned himself in to police on June 12. He posted bond and was released from custody. He showed up for court the next day. He is facing charges of second-degree assault, CBS News reported.

Bishop can be seen in the now famous video dancing with a crowd around him before jumping into a back handspring and dropping his weapon. When he reaches down to retrieve it, it fires. He places it back in his pants and walks away.

A man was shot in the leg as a result. It appears to be accidental. On the same day after the incident, Bishop was taken to Denver Police headquarters and then released to a supervisor at the FBI.

Bishop turned himself in to the Denver Sheriff Department after a warrant was issued for his arrest. Police were going to await the results of drug and alcohol testing, but decided to pursue Bishop early, according to CBS News.

“We are filing this charge now rather than waiting until the [blood alcohol content] report is received, which we understand could take another week, because sufficient evidence has been presented to file it,” Denver District Attorney Beth McCann said in the statement, via CBS.

“If an additional charge needs to be filed after further evidence is received, we can file those charges then,” McCann added.

Bishop was off-duty and on vacation at the time of the incident.

Bishop is allowed to travel while the case proceeds. His attorney asked that he be allowed movement because he lives and works in Washington D.C. The prosecution did not raise an objection.

Besides the charges, the FBI is conducting an internal investigation that could result in reprimand, suspension, or termination, according to CBS.


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