Florida Woman Spots Message in a Bottle, Unravels Stunning Message

A message in a bottle traveled for more than a thousand miles, over four years, before washing ashore in Florida.

The bottle, which washed ashore on Cinnamon Beach late last year, included a rolled up bag and message.

Stephanie Winnek spotted the bottle while walking on the beach and her husband Steve broke it to discover what was inside.

And they fund a small bag of ashes accompanying the message, reported Fox 35.

The message was actually a full-page story about a woman named Cindy Rounds, with accompanying text from Rounds’ children saying that their mother worked so hard she never had time to fulfill her dreams of traveling. They thought she could see the world after death so they put her story and the ashes in the bottle and released it into the ocean.

Four years later, it washed ashore in Florida, prompting Winnek to find and contact Rounds’ daughter Cindy.

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