NJ State Troopers Use CPR to Revive Woman Found Unconscious

It took several minutes of CPR, but three New Jersey State Troopers managed to revive a woman who had no pulse and had stopped breathing.

Trooper John Walsh responded to a call of a vehicle off the road in Secaucus, New Jersey, at about 9:30 p.m. on May 21.

When the trooper reached the vehicle they found the driver unresponsive behind the wheel. The 56-year-old woman was not breathing and had no pulse.

Trooper Michael Stansfield arrived on the scene and helped Trooper Walsh remove the woman from her car. They laid her down to begin CPR.

Trooper Kevin Scherba then arrived and helped with chest compression.

After several minutes of CPR, the victim began to respond—her heart started beating and she started breathing again.

The woman was transported via ambulance to Hudson County Medical Center and later released.

The New Jersey State Police shared the story on its Facebook page so everyone can appreciate the life-saving efforts of the three troopers.

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