Giant Bee Swarm Found in Texas Woman’s Apartment

By Jack Phillips

A massive bee infestation in an Austin, Texas, apartment complex has caused headaches for residents.

A local bee expert, Walter Schumacher, told Fox7 that 100,000 bees could be living inside the apartment on Anita Drive.

The video shows Schumacher pacifying the bees with smoke before grabbing a handful of them.

Ivana Coleman, who rents the apartment, said she has a “mixture of fascination and horror” with the bees.

Schumacher, however, said that of the bee infestation, “the danger to her was quite real.”

“If I do it wrong, people’s pets could die … people could die,” Schumacher noted.

Eventually, Schumacher was able to move out the bees, Fox7 reported. The bees were relocated to a ranch in Travis County, Texas.


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