Police Officer Praised for Buying Texas Man Replacement Groceries, Medication

By Janita Kan

A police officer in Texas has been praised for her act of kindness after she helped a man who collapsed at a Walmart parking lot and had his groceries stolen.

Houston Police Department Officer Kirsten Koryciak was working an extra job as a security guard at the Walmart store at 4412 North Freeway, Houston, on Tuesday, June 12, when a man came in and told her about his ordeal.

She told reporters at a press conference on Wednesday that the man, who appeared to be in his 50s or 60s, had just finished his shopping at the Walmart store when he had a diabetic episode and collapsed outside the store. After receiving medical assistance from emergency medical services, he realized someone had stolen his groceries, which had been left unattended during the medical emergency.

Koryciak said after hearing about the man’s plight that she felt compelled to help him. Her father is also a diabetic and so she could understand the effects of the disease. She also believed the man was on a fixed income and probably could not afford to repurchase more food.

“I offered to buy his groceries to get him some food because he was diabetic and I know that he needed to eat,” Koryciak told reporters.

The police officer said she bought about $25 worth of vegetables, oatmeal, medication, and other essential items.

“I just didn’t want to see that man suffering. He obviously wasn’t having a great day. He wasn’t feeling good and that’s also part of my job—to care about people, to help people,” she said. “I’m not here to just arrest people. I do care about this community.”

Koryciak said she would do it again if she had the opportunity, not for publicity but to “pay it forward.”

“If you see somebody being mistreated, or somebody being taken advantage of, say something,” she added.

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