Hurricane Hector Grazes Hawaii’s Coast

By Chris Jasurek

Hurricane Hector crossed the Pacific from east to west, grazing the southern coast of Hawaii but doing no harm.

Hurricane Hector brought big surf to Hawaii,.
A resident of Hawaii’s Big Island watches waves roll in, pushed to unusual heights by the distant winds of Hurricane Hector. (Fox screenshot)

Early in the week it looked like Hector might be zeroing in on Hawaii.

The National Weather Service issued a tropical storm warning for Hawaii’s Big Island on August 8, predicting the possibility of high surf, locally heavy rain and tropical-storm force winds.

Hurricane Hector brought big surf to Hawaii
The surf was taller than normal, but still not dangerous as Hurricane Hector passed south of Hawaii. (Fox screenshot)

As the week progressed and the storm veered south, island residents realized that they could relax.

Hector was a Category 4 storm as it approached Hawaii on August 8, then fell to a Category 3 storm as it swept past the southern coast on August 9. 

At its peak the storm reached wind speeds of 140 mph. However, it reduced in intensity as it passed south of Hawaii, being barely strong enough to create storm surge along the islands’ beaches.

After the circular storm passed the islands, it increased in intensity back to Category 4, with wind speeds increasing up to 130 mph, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.       

Hurricane Hector could have brought damage and destruction to the Hawaiian islands.

Instead, the storm veered and weakened at the right time so as not to impact the normal order of things within the archipelago.

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