New Video: Traffic Stop Ends In Gun Battle, Trooper Critically Wounded

By Jack Phillips

Newly released dash camera footage shows a near-fatal roadside shooting between a suspect and two Pennsylvania State police officers.

Prosecutors released the footage to the public on Aug. 9, six weeks after Daniel Clary, 22, was convicted of attempting to murder Pennsylvania State Trooper Ryan Seiple and Corporal Seth Kelly, according to the Allentown Morning Call. The shooting occurred Nov. 7, 2017, after Seiple pulled Clary over for speeding.

In the full unedited video, which can be seen here, Clary is seen scuffling with the officers before trying to get control of one of the officer’s firearm. The Morning Call reported that he managed to dislodge Seiple’s ammunition magazine.

Kelly’s backup weapon fell to the ground in the struggle, forcing Seiple to grab it and throw it to the side, according to the paper. Seiple and Kelly then tased Carey several times.

Somehow, Clary managed to get up after the scuffle and get back to his car to grab his own gun, the report said. Clary and Seiple then shot at each other.

Prosecutors released the footage to the public on Aug. 9. (Pennsylvania State Police screenshot)
Prosecutors released the footage to the public on Aug. 9. (Pennsylvania State Police screenshot)

“I didn’t want to die in the highway, in the gravel I was crawling in,” Seiple said in court, adding that he was picturing his newborn daughter in his mind, according to the report.

Clary fired six rounds, and one hit Kelly’s femoral artery.

The footage shows one of the officers firing at the back window before Clary fled in his car. He then drove himself to Easton Hospital with a gunshot wound, the report said.

Seiple made a tourniquet around Kelly’s leg to staunch the flow of blood, police said.

Lehigh Valley Live reported that Kelly arrived at a nearby hospital clinically dead, and he spent 12 days in a medically induced coma and 25 days in the hospital. Kelly said he doesn’t remember the shooting.

The Morning Call filed a lawsuit to get the police video released to the public.

Clary is slated to return back to court for sentencing on Aug. 31, where he could face decades in prison.

Traffic Stops Dangerous for Police

The New York Times reported on Aug. 8 that two undercover detectives in Camden, New Jersey, were shot in an ambush attack after a gunman walked up to their vehicle, firing as many as 25 rounds. “They were essentially ambushed,” Chief Scott Thomson of the Camden County Police Department said.

The National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund (pdf) said that traffic stops are notoriously dangerous for police officers in the United States. The leading causes for officers being shot and killed in 2017 was when they were responding to domestic disturbances and conducting traffic stops, its annual report said.

“The leading circumstances of firearms-related fatalities were officers responding to domestic disturbances and conducting traffic stops,” the memorial fund stated.

According to the most recent figures published by the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, “A greater percentage of male drivers (12%) than female drivers (8%) were stopped by police during 2011.” It adds: “In 2011, about 3% of traffic stops led to a search of the driver, the vehicle, or both. Police were more likely to search male drivers (4%) than female drivers (2%).”

That year, according to the figures, about half of all traffic stops resulted in a traffic ticket.

From The Epoch Times

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