4 foolproof formulae on how much to spend on a wedding gift

Weddings are a joy! The naach-gaana and delicious food; who doesn’t love that? The worst part of being a wedding guest is choosing a gift for the newlyweds. We never seem to know for sure how much to spend. Don’t you wish there was a foolproof formula for it? But wait! What if we told you there are not one but four formulae, supported economically and psychologically, for your woes. You can make use of any of these depending on your financial status and your closeness to the couple. 

The classic Karma

If you have received gifts from the couple earlier, then get them something of equal or similar value. For instance, on your wedding you received a dinner set from the invitees worth around 2000 Rupees, therefore your gift should reflect the same price. It doesn’t have to be the same thing though!

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How much they spend on you

Your gift should be in accordance to how much the invitees are spending on you. You can get an idea about the cost from the venue. Another way would be to politely ask the ones who have invited you. This is a good method for both you and the couple getting married because none of you is at a ‘loss’.

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The emotional appeal

This is especially for the ones who are close to the newlyweds. It can be anything from the bride’s grandma’s jewellery or something passed down in the family. Such gifts hold strong emotional values and are a great option when it comes to weddings.

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Spending big

This is meant for family and close relatives. Spending big doesn’t mean you have to bathe the couple in gold like we see in most weddings. Go for something they might need; like a down payment for the house they want to buy or pay off their loans (if any), the sky’s the limit. It’ll make sure that they start their journey debt-free.

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These ‘formulae’ are the brainchild of Dr Utpal Dholakia, professor of pricing and marketing at Rice University.