It’s raining modaks on Ganesh Chathurthi: 10 most colourful ones to feast with your eyes!

No festival is complete without good food. Ganesh Chaturthi is not complete without modaks. Sweet shops around the country and homes celebrating the festival are surely cooking modaks today. 

We bring you 10 most colourful modaks – feast your eyes and enjoy the day:

Let’s start with these tricolour modaks!

Credit: youtube

We are sure you want to pick up one from here!

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It’s surely raining modaks today!

Credit: India TV

The simple ones that mothers cook at home!

Credit: Boldsky

Chocolate ones that kids like the most!

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Looks yummy!

Credit: cookwithnevedita

Ready to be offered to Gods!

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Can you imagine people cook Oreo modak as well!

Credit: worldwide

Wow! Rainbow modak!

Credit: youtube

Our last thali of modals for you! Enjoy!

Credit: Indiatoday