People of this Rajasthani village have names like Android, Sim Card, Collector and Miss Call!

There are quite a few bizarre villages in India. But this one in Rajasthan tops them all. The people here have an unusual tradition. They have a reputation for names like ‘Rashtrapati’ and ‘Sim Card’ among many others.  It is not just a village but an entire district which stands by its uncanny names!

Credit: Rajasthan Truths

Walk into the Bundi district of Rajasthan and you’ll hear names like you have never heard before. you might find  ‘Android’ grazing cattle and ’Samsung’ selling vegetables.

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According to a Times of India report, different communities and villages have different preferences. People of Ramnagar are known to have names of high-ranking offices like ‘Pradhan Mantri’, ‘Collector’ among others. Despite the names, the villagers are completely illiterate and often indulge in illegal activities.

When High Court was born, his grandfather was granted bail by the court, hence his name. The names are decided completely on whims and fancies and often borderline on hilarious.

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People of Nainwa region name their children after mobile brands and technologies like Nokia, Samsung, Chip, Miss call!

‘We were left stunned when he first learnt about these named during registration. But now we are used to writing such names,’ said Ramesh Chand Rathore, an employee at Nainwa’s Community Health Centre.

This district gives a new meaning to Shakespeare’s famous lines ‘What’s in a name?’

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