Pets are scared of crackers? Seven steps to keep them happy and healthy during this Diwali season

Its Diwali season and all of us are hyped up about the festival of lights as it brings happiness and prosperity for us, humans. But, it’s an absolute nightmare for our furry and feathered ones. The loud bangs and whizzes of the crackers can cause pain and panic among the pets as their hearing capacity is far more than ours. Let’s see what we can do as pet owners or lovers to avoid this. 

1. Sound-proof your house as much as you can

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Keep your windows and doors closed, draw your curtains. This will make sure that minimum amount of sound will enter your house. Don’t keep your pets in the bathroom as the sounds of firecrackers will echo there.

2. Keep your doors and windows closed

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During Diwali, hundreds of pets run away due to the firecracker sounds. So it is better to keep the doors and windows shut.

3. Don’t tie them up, even inside the house

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During this stressful time let your pets roam feely at home. This will help them choose where they are most comfortable.

4. Don’t hug your pets to make them feel safe

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Pets will always observe your body language and when you hug them they might believe that is a gesture for fear. Thus, it will have the exact opposite effect.

5. Allow your pets to go to their safe spots if they prefer

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They’ll feel secure in the places that they’ve marked for themselves, be it a crate, under beds, or on top of you.

6. Don’t take them out on Diwali night

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Constant cracker sounds will make them frightened so avoid going out.

7. Dogs may refuse to eat, and soil themselves in fright

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During this period don’t force feed them because they might be scared. Only if your pet prefers to eat then give him or her the food.