These cute balls are super tasty.

Tang  yuan are glutinous rice balls stuffed with varying flavors of paste filling.

It is a traditional Chinese dessert, a light yet tasty option for both festivals or for an after-meal desserts with family.

Tang yuan are delicious, as well as a tradition during the Dongzhi Festival (December 21/22).

Commonly known as the Winter Solstice, the Dongzhi Festival marks the shortest day of the year.

For Chinese, this means the triumph of yang over yin, light over darkness.

It’s a time of balance and harmony, after which the days will get longer and sunnier, filling us with positive energy.

Many people colour the rice balls pink or red because it is believed to be an auspicious colour. Eating tang yuan also represents becoming a year older.

There are many different types of tang yuan with the popular fillings being peanut, black sesame or red bean paste.

The traditional serving is unfilled rice balls in a sweet soup, such as ginger and rock sugar, but there’s also red bean and black sesame soup.

Even though tang yuan is a traditional holiday food, it’s so popular that it is now eaten all year.

Glutinous rice balls are rapidly becoming one of the most common everyday foods the Chinese eat.