These adorable kids in beautiful traditional dresses will make you want to try them out

India is a land of various cultures and traditions. Each of the states has its own traditional attire, food and what not. All these, make our country a colourful one.  With so many beautiful dresses to choose from, we can’t just choose one.

These attires look even more gorgeous when these cute kids adorn them in style. Check out these 10 most beautiful and colourful dresses from the states of India, worn by these adorable kids:

A dancing diva from Tamil Nadu

Credit: Pinterest

Little Garba dancer from Gujarat

Credit: Blogspot| Lookgud

Cute Himachal siblings

Credit: Blogspot| Yourtour

Punjabi Soni Kudi

Credit: Pinterest

Adorable Kabri ‘ladies’from Assam

Credit: Pinterest

Cutie from Rajasthan!

Credit: Taqplayer

A little Bangalibabu

Credit: Boldsky

Sweet Marathi Mulgi

Credit: Pinterest

Kashmiri cutie!

Credit: WordPress

Sweet Kerala Kutty!

Credit: Kerala Channel