These beautiful pics of Indian women celebrating Diwali will mesmerise you!

Light has such an important significance in life. It shows us a way in darkness but more importantly, it gives our eyes the means and the ability to see. Without light, our sight is always limited. Diwali is an important festival for Indians but more than that it’s a day with a wonderful message – it signifies the victory of good over evil!

Here are few beautiful pictures of women celebrating from Pinterest. May your day be filled with light and peace. Happy Diwali!

Credit: Mandira Bhavnagar/Pinterest

Diwali celebrations are rooted in our culture! Our culture and traditions define our values and identity!

Credit: Ponnu Swamy/Pinterest

What can be more beautiful that lights and smiles on Diwali!

Flowers, earthen lamps, lights, rangolis and traditional dress, we love Diwali!

Credit: Sushma Singh Rajput/Pinterest

One lamp lights another lamp! One life brightens another life!

Credit: Ash/Pinterest