‘Crazy’ designer spends 9 years building ‘paper airplane’—the result is simply jaw-dropping!

Twenty-five-year-old Luca Iaconi-Stewart is just “crazy” about aviation, but he’s no pilot—he’s a designer from San Francisco. Back in 2008, he saw an Air India Boeing 777 on the internet, and he fell in love. Since then, he’s been working on one … made out of cutout paper folders.

His paper airplane is much smaller, 1:60 scale in fact.

He described his impression of the airliner to GE Reports: “The proportions were just so nice, but there were no engineering drawings available.”


©Flickr | luca iaconi stewart

Fortunately, Luca was able to find plenty of schematics online, and he’s pretty well laid out the plane inside-out down to the smallest detail—everything from armrests, to door hinges, to the landing gear.


©Flickr | luca iaconi stewart

This is certainly no average paper airplane, as Luca has been working on this one for the last nine years, and he’s not even done! Currently, this designer is working on the wings. Indeed, the highly sophisticated GE90-115B jet engines are as fine-tuned as any model could be.


©Flickr | luca iaconi stewart

Astoundingly, this crazy San Francisco designer admitted that he devoted an entire summer to working on the passenger seats, and dropped out of college in order to keep working on his paper aircraft!


©Flickr | luca iaconi stewart


©Flickr | luca iaconi stewart

Albeit the skill and craftsmanship is undeniable, and his devotion, admirable; nevertheless, one has to wonder where his amazing talents will take him in life.


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©Flickr | luca iaconi stewart

He shared some of his prospects: “Somehow I doubt it’s the last plane I’ll build, but I’m in no rush to start another similar project, at least not as a hobby.”


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“I’d like to possibly explore other areas of design and venture outside the model-making realm to broaden my horizons a bit.

“We’ll see what the future holds!”


©Flickr | luca iaconi stewart

Have a look here at the incredible details: