Guy Fieri helps victims of Carr Fire in California with makeshift kitchen to feed evacuees

Guy Fieri, as a television personality, is viewed as larger-than-life and a little bit cartoonish at times.

When it comes to helping those in need, though, the California native is quick to lend a helping hand—and the evacuees of the Carr Fire up near the Cali-Oregon border are certainly thankful for it right now.

The residents of Redding, California and the surrounding areas have been struck by immense tragedy this July, as a massive wildfire has torn through the region. It’s already been named the seventh most destructive wildfire in California state history, and it’s still growing; four firefighters have lost their lives in the last three weeks and there’s still a shocking amount of work to be done yet.

35,000 people have been evacuated, and only 10,000 have been allowed to return home by the end of the month—so with so many displaced evacuees, Fieri and his crew decided to caravan up from his home in Humboldt County to make sure they were well fed.

Fieri drove up over the weekend to work with the Salvation Army, cooking delicious dinners for those awaiting the fate of their homes and livelihoods.

“My team and I got involved,” Fieri explained, via ABC 7. “My son and I, and his buddies, and a bunch of mine, we loaded up our caravan from wine country and drove four hours up here.”

The 20 volunteers making up the Guy Fieri crew served a lunch to 750 people on Monday, then turned around and cooked up a dinner for that same group of people at the Shasta College using barbecue and a makeshift kitchen.

Fieri’s television persona is all about comfort food. He became famous with his Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives show on Food Network, where he visited “greasy spoon” joints all across the United States.

While his bleached hair, iconic sunglasses, and grease-loving personality is often equated with an obsession with bacon and obscene burgers devoured whilst wearing blindingly-bright bowling shirts, though, the 50-year-old restaurateur clearly knows when to take things seriously—and how to make sure that a community in need is well-fed.

“It is unbelievable to see what folks are going through, but also how great this community is,” said Fieri. “It is great to see how all these folks have come together with the Salvation Army. We are in tough times in the world, with all the things going on, and boy, you take a moment like this, and you really see what America’s made of, a lot of great people coming together.