High on taste, low on effort: Six cornflakes meals to get you drooling even after breakfast!

Sometimes we end up skipping meals altogether (which is a big no-no) when the food cooked at home, college or office canteens doesn’t get our mouth watering, but all of that is in the past. What we thought was ideal only for your first meal of the day and it is going to make eating your passion (if it already wasn’t).

So, don’t flake out on your meals, use cornflakes to up your cooking game with these irresistible dishes!

1) Cornflakes Peanut Butter Cookies

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Credit: Facebook | Kings wholefood artisian

Cookies can do no wrong when it comes to satisfying our sweet-doughy needs. When you add peanut butter and cornflakes to it, that’s when you kick it up a notch. Switch out your store bought cookies with scrumptious home made cookies and enjoy corn flakes like never before. 

2) Cornflakes Chivda

Credit: Indian Khana

Crunchy-munchy and tangy! It’s made with the least amount of oil to give you the greatest satisfaction and peace of mind during those pesky 4 pm cravings. With a total cook time of 13 minutes, snack on something healthy while binge watching your favorite shows.

3) Cheesy Cornflakes

Credit: Facebook | Simply potato

When you swap milk with cheese, you get to taste the whole new decadent side of cornflakes. Drizzle your cheesy corn flakes with dry fruits of your choice and lose yourself in crunchy-cheesy bliss. 

4) Fried Ice-Cream Cake

Credit: The country cook

Yes, you read that right. It’s fried on the outside and chilled on the inside. The dish is easy to make, and it guarantees 100% satisfaction! It’s so good that you’ll stop looking for ice cream parlors the next time your sweet tooth starts acting up.

5) Cornflakes Granola Bars

easy granola bars recipe
Credit: Cook click n’ devour

We all love snacking on health bars, so why not cook them at home? It’s easy to make, and it’s a healthy way to kick those cravings to the curb (especially when you’re on a diet!). 

6) Cornflakes Nutella Ladoos

Credit: Yummy tummy aarthi

Sweet, crunchy, decadent beyond measure, and yours to devour in under 15 minutes! Add a mix of dry fruits to savor it all the more! These ladoos will surely take everyone by surprise with their texture and taste the next time there’s a gathering.