Can you spot this doberman camouflaged in the ferns? This photo has netizens stumped!

Whilst Karen Fornos Klien was out walking her doberman Ambar in a wooded brush, she snapped a quick pic of her pooch only to realize that the dog could hardly be seen amidst the flora and fauna. The photo was later put online and had netizens wondering, “Where’s Ambar?”

Perhaps all animals on this green earth are bestowed with by nature particular patterns on their bodies, whether they have feathers, fur, skin, or scales. And these patterns, it would seem, have a purpose, whether it be camouflage, disguise, communication, or mating. Of course, this would probably be the case with dogs as with other animals.

©Facebook | Karen Fornos Klein

A university professor mentioned in recent times how zebras’ patterns are not actually meant to camouflage with the African landscape so much as to make them blend in with each other, so that they become a collective “mass.” This would prevent predators from identifying an individual target to single out and attack. Indeed, nature’s gifts are ingenious!

©Flickr | Filip Lachowski

So it was with Ambar the doberman. The black-and-gold coloration must have a purpose, perhaps to camouflage his appearance so that other animals, predators or prey, would be unable to identify him from his surroundings.

And during Ambar’s excursion with her master to Alice Holt Forest, just southwest of Farnborough, United Kingdom, camouflage he did! We would like to challenge you to spot this dog amidst the ferns of this forest.

Take a look at Klien’s photo, and see if you can spot the dog:

©Facebook | Surrey Dog Owners

If it proves impossible, then we have a hint for you; we’ve taken the liberty of dividing the image into four quadrants and zooming in; the doberman is in quadrant 3!

©Facebook | Surrey Dog Owners

Now, take a closer look. Do you see him now?

©Facebook | Surrey Dog Owners

Okay, perhaps you never had the benefit of hours of practice finding “Waldo” back in elementary school, so, when you’ve absolutely given up, take a look down below for the solution.


©Facebook | Surrey Dog Owners

There he is!

©Facebook | Surrey Dog Owners

Good dog!

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