6 strange laws from all over the world that will surely leave you amazed!

The world is a strange place and some of its laws are a proof of this. It is understandable that countries can be pretty strict when it comes to law maintenance, but some of these laws seem way more unusual let alone be imposed.

Don’t believe me? After reading about these 6 strange laws from across the globe, you definitely will.

1.When in Singapore, don’t chew gum!

Credit: Flickr/ Cory Doctorow.

Yep, no Big-Babul fun in Singapore. Since 1992, Singapore has completely done away with chewing gum. Gum is nowhere to be found in the country. It cannot be purchased, sold, or even imported. If you need to have gum, then your only option is prescription nicotine gum.

2. Stay away from carbs in Japan, because it’s illegal to get obese!

Credit: Diet Blog.

Japan, the country that introduced the world to sumo wrestling, does not allow its denizens to become obese. Under the ‘Metabo law’ of the country, any man or woman over 40 years of age, cannot have a waistline of more than 32 inches and 36 inches, respectively. Hard to believe!

3. No funny faces to be made at your dog in Oklahoma!

Credit: Pinterest.

Can’t help but make those silly faces at your furry friend? Well, in Oklahoma, you might be breaking the law and could get fined or even end up in jail!  It’s one of the most strange punishable offences for sure!

4. When in Milan, always put on your best smile. Or else!

Credit: Pinterest.

Milan will make sure that you always keep smiling, not because it’s a delightful city, but because you have to! Milan’s law requires that one has to smile at all times, except during a funeral or a hospital visit. 

5. Want to change that lightbulb in your home in Victoria, Australia? If you aren’t a qualified electrician, you can’t!

Credit: Pixabay.

In Victoria, Australia, you cannot change a light bulb unless you are a qualified electrician. On breaking this law, you can be fined up to AU $10  around Rs 490. Bummer.

6. Fill that tank up well before you get going on the Autobahn in Germany

Credit: Pixabay.

In Autobahn, Germany, you cannot run out of fuel. In case you do, you must pull over and use your vehicle horn to capture the attention of other drivers. In fact, if you threaten the safety of other drivers, you can be fined a penalty of € 80 (£65).

So, better keep these in mind and hope for no surprises when you go travelling next time!