Baby elephant fell in well while its mother cried all night, kind villagers came to rescue

The bond between a mother elephant and its calf can probably be described as the strongest of any animal on Earth. From the moment it is born, the young one becomes the centre of attention, being fussed over and cared for with great devotion. Every now and then we witness the great relationship between a mother and her young and retelling or recounting those moments almost always melts our hearts away!

Credit: Facebook | Daily Excelsior

Last year, when a herd of elephants was passing through the Ramgarh district of India, a baby elephant fell into a muddy well. Unable to rescue her little one, the mother of the calf kept trumpeting relentlessly throughout the night to draw attention while a herd of eight elephants stood by her side all the time. Her prayers were finally answered when a group of villagers gathered near the well in the morning. The mother elephant retreated peacefully into the bushes while the villages informed the forest officials.

Credit: Facebook | Environmental Abode

Moved by the other’s plight, the kind villagers cut a few bamboo branches to help the baby stay afloat in the well while waiting for the forest officials. The officials reached the site around 6 am armed with an earth mover. According to a report from MailOnline, forest ranger Ramlakhan Paswan, who led the rescue operation said: “We widened the well’s mouth with the earth mover to make a slope and helped the calf come out of the pit after an hour-long operation. The calf then started walking towards the bushes where its family was waiting.”