Board declared her failed, but Bihar student fought to become the 10th highest rank holder!

Education has become a necessity for every child in this world, thus educational institutions are set up in every state, city and village for the sole purpose to educate. The children too know the importance of education and work day and night to attain good grades so that they too might become a known face in the world. But sometimes there are these sad cases where a child is told by the central regulatory board that he/she has failed in a subject or two even though the child knows its near to impossible for him/her to fail in that subject. 

Credit: NDTV

Priyanka Singh comes from a small village of Sitanabad Panchayat in Bihar. She was a bright student in her class and always scored well in her examination. She prepared well for her 10th board examinations and came out of the examination hall hoping to get good marks in all subjects.

When the results were out, the Bihar board revealed that she had failed in Sanskrit and science. But Priyanka knew it was not possible for her to fail. Thus she approached the board and filled a form that would help her get a copy of her examination sheet. She wanted to see the paper with her own eye to deem if she failed or not.

The board, however, denied her plea and told that she had not passed in those two subjects. Priyanka and her parents got frustrated as the board was not ready to comply. Thus they decided to approach the high court to demand justice. When the investigation took place it was found out that Priyanka’s examination sheet was exchanged with another student. They went to such levels in court where they forged another paper claiming it was Priyanka’s, however, the court asked for a handwriting test of Priyanka and the truth was revealed.

After Priyanka’s original results were confirmed, Priyanka emerged as the 10th highest scorer in Bihar!

The board was found guilty and thus were asked to pay a fine of ₹ 5 lakh. This was one of the biggest carelessness exposed within the Bihar educational board by the relentless effort of this young girl who was so stubborn not to accept that she has failed in two subjects and fought for justice.