Feast day: We cooked the world’s biggest modak and it weighed 575 kg!

Humans have always been fascinated with really big things; it doesn’t matter if it is natural like Mount Everest or man-made like Taj Mahal, we have always been drawn to things that make us look tiny when standing in front of it!

Credit: News18 screenshot

On August 30, 2014,  people from White Leaf Entertainment Media in  Bangur Sadan, Mumbai, decided to do something extraordinary. They came up with the idea to make the world’s biggest modak, a sweet which is highly regarded in India, and also the most favoured sweet during Ganesh Chathurthi festival.

Credit: Limca book of records

The modak was 1.82 m high and it weighed around 575 kg, that’s nearly half of what a grown elephant eats in a day! It was made of boondi and took 10 helpers and 9 hours of rigorous work to finally create history. The modak was one of a kind and was recorded in Limca’s book of records.

This modak is indeed one heavy delight and we’re sure no one would disagree to grab a delicious bite of one of the world’s biggest dessert!