Not made out of colours: These unusual & beautiful rangolis will amaze you!

The festival of lights, Diwali is also a celebration where traditional Indian art, ‘Rangoli’ is presented it its most beautiful form. This art originated in India and includes patterns that are made on the floor of one’s living room or courtyard. The materials used range from coloured rice, dry flour, coloured sand and flower petals. But, there are some who have taken it to a whole new level using different materials altogether thus adding creativity. 

Here are some of the creative rangolis that you could make this Diwali, to bring happiness to your lives!

So creative!

Credit: Pinterest

Bananas! who could have ever thought about using them here!

Credit: Wikimedia

This looks so pretty!

Credit: gypsybulletin

Anybody say veggies?

Credit: goacom

And we got more veggies!

Credit: vicinito

Rangoli using flowers!

Credit: Blogspot