These 5 Indian heroes show us that tales of courage are all around us!

Tales of bravery don’t exist only in novels. Some of them are untold stories of unknown names seeking justice, or are fighting huge odds to redress an old wrong. We are the land of Buddha, Ashoka, and Gandhi – famous advocates of nonviolence and harmony. Today, we acknowledge a few of those unnamed heroes, whose life journeys have given us hope and strength.

1. Dr Sunitha Krishnan

Credit: Wikipedia

The founder of the NGO Prajwala has seen some hard days. Sunitha became the tragic victim of a gang rape at the young age of 15. Not only did she not let it stop her, it also pushed her to work for a better future for victims of sex-trafficking. She works hard to rescue, rehabilitate, and reintegrate them back into society. Her NGO in Hyderabad works tirelessly for this cause.

2. Jigme Sherpa

Credit: Teach for India

This young and spirited Nepalese teacher has positively influenced the lives, who were affected during the Nepal earthquakes. While Nepal still reeled under the vicious tremors, Jigme reached out to the rest of the world via social media. He undertook a perilous journey to his students’ villages in Sindhupalchok district, which was badly hit. To many, he was their only source of support.

3. Nanak Chand

Credit: Yes Punjab

This one belongs in a book! During the Gurdaspur attacks in Punjab, this gutsy Punjab Roadways driver drove straight towards the terrorists, flinging them away. Risking his life, Nanak Chand got his passengers to a government hospital where they could be saved. He also informed police about the incident promptly.

4. Sabiya

Credit: Yes Punjab

A 25-year-old woman went out of her way as a dedicated worker of the Polio Social Mobilization Network in Uttar Pradesh. She went to the extent of arranging one-on-one meetings with parents to explain how Polio could ruin the future of their children, and the importance of getting them vaccinated.

5. Bina Kalindi and Vijaylaxmi

Credit: flickr

Bina is from West Bengal and Vijaylaxmi hails from Rajasthan. They are both strong protesters of the evil that is child marriage. This social disease still exists in India. But they stood firm in their opposition. Bina, for example, resisted her father’s pressure to marry at the age of 12. She continues to relentlessly approach the people of her village, to free it from this horrible practice.

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