This farmer lost his arm at 18 but kept his promise to mom, now owns 150 acres of land

Meet Madhukar Anna Chidre, the man with the heart of a lion and willpower so strong, that he fought against every odd. He lost his right arm when he was just 18, while wrestling but still kept his promise to his mom to become a successful man in life.

Credit: Flickr (Representational image)

Today, Madhukar owns 150 acres of land, even though he has only one hand he drives a tractor, a motorcycle, and a four-wheeler. Madhukar’s father owned 40 acres of land in Davanhiparga village of Latur district in Maharashtra. It was enough for a family of seven to sustain themselves as they farmed on these lands and the return was good. However, during the drought season, the family was always affected badly.

Madhukar has always been the most loved son in the house. When he was in class seven, Madhukar once came back home crying because his teacher hit him at school. His mother got furious and never sent him back to school.

After he dropped out of school, he had a lot of free time so he used to wrestle with the local boys. This eventually became his hobby and he was the local champion in wrestling. But sadly, one day he sprained his right arm while wrestling. His parents took him to the doctor and he told them to tie a cloth on his arm, which was not supposed to be done and it resulted in a blood clot. He lost all senses in his arm and the doctors had to cut it off.

His mother did not want the doctor to operate on his arm and after the operation, she did not eat for 15 days. She always had a dream that her son would become a successful man and would drive a car. So Madhukar went to his mother and made a promise that he would make all her wishes come true. From the very next morning, he started working from 5 a.m. until 8 p.m. on the field. With just one arm, he inspired many people in the village, though initially, they were sceptical if he would be able to farm. He proved all his doubters wrong and made profits even during droughts.

Every time Madhukar made a profit after selling his produce, he would go on to buy more land. Today he is a role model to farmers in India and many farmers who are in trouble come to him for advice and inspiration.