Making money selling paranthas in Kerela, couple hopes to save enough for the wife’s for the wife’s PhD abroad!

”What’s on the menu today?” Parathas, passion, and pure love!

Husband-wife, Premshankar Mandal and Sneha Limbgaomkar, sell parathas at night to fulfill their hopes and dreams of moving to Germany to help Sneha pursue a PhD.

Credit: TOI.

Sneha Limbgaomkar, a Maharashtrian who moved to Kerala to attend Kerala University had dreams of becoming a Ph.D. graduate. The challenge? Money. The young couple was strapped for cash and decided to fund their dreams the old-fashioned way. Instead of taking out a student loan from the bank, they chose to sell the delicious Indian staple, parathas!

Yes, you heard that right. Sneha, who has a doctoral research partnership at Kerala University, studies by day and sells lip smacking parathas by night to pay for her education.

Their Aloo ke parathe are a hot favorite among locals!

Credit: News Time Now.

Premshankar, a graduate in social work, came up with the idea to open the roadside eatery to help his wife pay for her dreams. Their specialty? The best coriander infused aloo parathas. You can find this lovely couple feeding hungry patrons in the evening on the streets of Kariavattom.

It’s not just the parathas which make for a delightful treat; their love story is one to marvel at as well. Sneha and Premshankar married against the will of Sneha’s parents, and the couple moved to Kerala as soon as she was accepted to Kerala University. To help Sneha fulfill her dreams, Premshankar resigned from his job at CAG office in Delhi. Even though the two didn’t have much to go on financially, they remained united in the face of hardships because of their love and commitment. They’ve been married for six years and hope to save enough so that they can not only migrate to Germany but also have a honeymoon, which they’ve postponed in pursuit of their dreams.

The couple came together from two different states after befriending each other on the now defunct website, Orkut. Two years after the couple moved to Kerala, Sneha, the couple remarried in 2016, this time with the blessing of both their parents. The two are making the best out of the situation with nothing but love and togetherness. Known for their delectable parathas, they also sell local favorites like dosa and omelets.

Two kilometers away from Technopark, the IT hub of Kerala, you will see the loving couple hard at work, serving their customers with nothing but a big heart and round, yummy, parathas!