What a father! This man from India has adopted 12 HIV positive children!

Every human being starts as a child! Childhood is the most precious time of one’s life and thus it’s important that children are given love and care. Love can be an elusive concept for children in difficult circumstances. This is a story that gives hopes as it’s about a man from Meerut who has adopted 12 HIV positive children and given them the love and care they deserve!

Credit: Daily Bhaskar

Ajay Sharma rescued 12 HIV positive boys in the age group of 7 to 17 and brought them all home. All children share a common story – they were born to HIV positive parents and lived with them till they were alive. After their death, they were shunned by their relatives. Unlike many who suffer their plight, these 12 boys have a home, thanks to Ajay and his wife, Bharti who dote on them as loving parents!

Credit: TOI

‘I have a dozen sons and each one of them is precious to me,’ Ajay smiling told Times of India. He wasn’t this compassionate all his life. In 2004 he suffered from a brain haemorrhage and slipped into a coma for 15 days. One rainy night, Ajay realised how important every day of his life is and decided to work selflessly for others.

He left his job at the Government Inter College, Phalawada and started teaching kids residing in slums. It was there that four years later he came across an HIV positive child who was orphaned after his parents died. No one was ready to take care of the child. He was extremely impoverished and was on the verge of collapse. Jay tried to admit him to a hospital but no one admitted him.

Jay’s conscience didn’t allow him to abandon the child and he brought him to his home and started taking care of him. ‘My conscience did not allow me to leave this child. I brought him home and nursed him. Thankfully, he revived. But the incident left a deep impact on me. I began thinking why society is so unfair to a child who is suffering for no fault of his own. I resolved to change this attitude,’ he told TOI.

Credit: The Better India

Gradually during the next many years, Ajay kept working for children in distress and his brood kept increasing. ‘But the journey was not easy,’ he told TOI. ‘Had it not been for the support of my wife, Babita, I would have been at sea. Especially when with the number of children being added to the family we began hunting for a bigger house and just no one would rent it to us. Finally, a noble soul agreed in Ganganagar.’

As the goodwill spread and news about Ajay’s amazing family reached people, doctors started visiting the kids and offering their free service. Today many people from around the city, visit their home to spend some valuable time and to share some happiness and smiles.

Human life is extremely precious! Compassion and love require that one becomes capable of thinking beyond oneself. People like Ajay Sharma give us a wonderful message that life is lived best with benevolence. You can’t spread happiness without a compassionate heart!