Yummy sweets from north and south of India that families can relish this Diwali!

There’s no festivity without food in India. It’s Diwali today and families and friends are together. Mothers and grandmothers are busy in their kitchen cooking delicacies. Across the length and breadth of the country, sweet shops are doing brisk business. We bring you a fresh plate this Diwali; a plate of sweets and savouries from across India. Hope you like this motley of Diwali specialities.

Ache Murukku – a sweet version of the murukku!

Credit: Little Spice Little Stir

Sweet Potato Halwa – Shakargandi ka halwa is a must for those wanting to try something new this Diwali!

Credit: Rakskitchen

Besan Barfi – without a besan ladoo or barfi, Diwali would be less tasty for many!

Credit: Dishes Guru

Karanji – dumping filled with khoya is a sweet version of Samosa!

Credit: Reward.me xx

Kaju Katli – very popular, very yummy!

Credit: Whatsuplife

Moong dal Muruku – crispy, munchy and flavourful!

Credit: Keekies.blogspot.com