14 very beautiful pictures of lotus flower with amazing facts!

One flower that has lived through the long period of human civilisation is perhaps lotus. Beautiful and profound, lotus has inspired humanity like none other flower. Here are 14 extremely beautiful pictures of lotus. We hope it’ll help you experience compassion and peace that’s deeply rooted in it.

Lotus has inspired art, architecture, classical dance, music and literature across the world since ancient times.

In Egyptian mythology, the lotus is believed to have given birth to the Sun. It opens by the day and closes by the night.

Traditional lore says that the lotus flower growing in  more muddy and opaque water is more beautiful.

The lotus is a sacred flower for Buddhists, it signifies purity of body, mind, and spirit. An eight petalled lotus is symbolic of cosmic harmony and thousand petalled Lotus symbolises spiritual illumination.

Various parts of the lotus flower are used in herbal medicine. Flower, young leaves, seeds and root are edible and an important part of various Asian cuisines.

Lotus can survive for many thousand years and can come back after long periods of dormancy. How amazing!

China, Korea and Japan have festivals inspired by lotus.

Sanskrit has a special name for white lotus – Pundarika means beautiful and innocent!

Many Indians have their names derived from lotus – Kamala, pankaj, Kumud, Saroj, Shoni, Ambuja, Jalaja, Mrinal

The pink lotus is the national flower of India and Vietnam.

Beautiful, serene and extremely poetic!

Ready to open to new wisdom!

Innocent, pure and beautiful!

Devoted, sincere and wise!