10 peculiar laws in the US that’ll have you double take, #7 is super easy to break

Did you know you can’t send a surprise pizza to your friend in Louisiana? Do that and you could receive a surprise $500 fine! Well, it’s not just Louisiana that has its peculiar laws; other American states do too, as do other countries.

1. Alabama

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Don’t go wearing that fake moustache to church. If you do and people start laughing, you could be slapped with a fine.

2. Florida


There’s actually a law mandating that elephants must be paid for if you want to park one in a car space. You can’t just casually park your elephant for free. Who’d be so audacious?

3. West Virginia


Are you a whistler? Well don’t be whistling underwater in West Virginia, because it’s been made illegal.

4. Wisconsin

It’s totally illegal to make mediocre butter in America’s Dairyland. Butter must be “highly pleasing,” according to the Wisconsin State Legislature.

Not such a bad law for those who love their butter!

5. Arizona

Donkeys can’t sleep in bathtubs in Arizona—it’s been written into the law.

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6. Minnesota

Don’t even think about crossing Minnesota’s border, either in or out, with a chicken or a duck on top of your head. Which Minnesotan politician pushed for this law?

7. New Jersey

Watch how you consume that hot, delicious soup! If you slurp, you could be in trouble. Probably best to enjoy soups at home.

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8. South Dakota…

To fall asleep lying down in a cheese factory is unlawful.


9. North Dakota

It’s more extreme up north … it’s prohibited to fall asleep lying down whilst wearing shoes. “I wasn’t asleep, I … fainted!?”

10. Hawaii

It’s illegal to place a coin in your ear in Hawaii, and that goes for both left and right ears! Bad luck for magicians.

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There’s many more, but look … let’s just show you some laws from a couple of communist nations, and you’ll realize that some of those funny laws in the United States aren’t all that bad … they’re just odd.

North Korea

What kind of list would this be without including North Korea? Making an international call from North Korea is punishable by death.

A North Korean factory boss who was accused of making an overseas call ended up getting gunned down by a firing squad before 150,000 spectators, per a 2007 report on MailOnline.

There’s plenty of other reasons that can get one executed as well, for example:

Practicing any form of religion can get you killed by the ruling regime, so can owning a bible, watching South Korean TV, playing music that doesn’t glorify the regime, and last but not least—trying to leave the country.

It’s really easy to get “legally” murdered in North Korea.


In 2007, the State Religious Affairs Bureau made it illegal to reincarnate without the Chinese Communist Party’s permission.

In another more crazy, in fact sinister, government-initiated oppression of people with faith, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) unofficially “banned” Falun Gong in 1999.

For those that don’t know, Falun Gong (aka Falun Dafa) is a mind-body discipline that grew highly popular in China during the 1990s, so popular that China’s former dictator, Jiang Zemin, targeted the peaceful practice for elimination, and started a nationwide misinformation campaign to turn public opinion against Falun Gong.

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Whilst it’s illegal for the CCP to ban Falun Gong according to China’s constitution, that doesn’t stop communist authorities, especially an extralegal organization known as the 610 Office (set up by Jiang), from illegally arresting and detaining Falun Gong practitioners in jails where their organs are harvested for profit.

Forced organ harvesting in China is state-sanctioned, and the transplant industry in China is grossly lucrative.

The question remains—where are China’s organs from, and why can a matching organ be guaranteed to any person within a matter of weeks? Watch the video below for more information.

…And you thought your country’s laws were bad?