10 really nifty, if not miraculous inventions— #4 has taken off in Korea!

There have been many innovative people in our world—Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone; while Nikola Tesla made incredible contributions to electrical motor technology. Well, there are also some unsung inventors out there who, though somewhat less known, have also made their claim to fame.

Now, whether it be an innovative way to eat pub food without getting greasy hands or just a neat-looking toilet paper dispenser, at the very least we can give the minds behind these novel gadgets credit for creativity. But you never know, some of them may just take off in the near future! Here, we’d like to share a few of these interesting inventions with you. So, check out these 10 nifty, novel inventions that you probably won’t see anywhere else!

1. Can’t get enough of that special someone’s face? Burn a likeness of them onto your toast!

Credit: Burnt Impressions


2. With these silicone ‘duck’ muzzles, your pooch will neither bark nor bite

Credit: Item.rakuten
Credit: Item.rakuten


3. Miss the feeling of walking on grass, but it’s winter outside? Try these



4. They’re called ‘trongs’ and are for keeping your fingers grease-free when eating chicken wings

Credit: Zenergy


5. Don’t want to sit on a wet park bench? Roll it over to the other side!

Credit: Wovow.org


6. Now it’s your turn to clean, cat!

Credit: Bunny Slippers


7. A way to make the classroom a quieter place for study

Credit: Getty Images | Mardis Coers


8. Book pillows are easy to carry around in your backpack!

Credit: Ebay | Olde Book Pillow Classics


9. Weight lifter toilet roll dispenser… just because!

Credit: Amazon.co.uk
Credit: Amazon.co.uk


10. Bike with a steering wheel


Bike with a steering wheel from WorstInventions