12 times people find their doppelgängers at museums and you’ve got to see #5!

What would you do if you walked around a museum and saw a person in one of the paintings bearing a striking resemblance to you? Get a fright then start excitedly posing for a photo to share with your friends for a laugh?

Many people had walked into museums to appreciate artwork, but some of them found themselves coming face-to-face with their doppelgängers in the paintings. In the 12 photos selected from the Internet, some of them have an uncanny resemblance to the paintings, even down to the outfits!

#1. That’s how I looked when I was young!

#2. I’ve got to check my family’s tree

#3. He’s my long-lost relative!

#4. Hundreds of years apart but our taste is still the same

#5. I told the guy at the entrance I’m entitled to a free pass but he doesn’t recognize me

#6. It’s proof that this hairstyle is still fashionable after so long!

#7. Shhhh! I’m trying to focus!

#8. Great-grandma and great-granddaughter look-alike

#9. Haven’t I told you I look fabulous when wearing armor?

#10. I think I’ve seen his name somewhere…

#11. Does this convince you that that’s my doppelgänger?

#12. I should get my baby a dog