12-year-old helps cops nab intruder after taking footage of him lurking between homes

Would you go into panic mode upon realizing a stranger is trying to break into your home? For one young girl in an unspecified neighborhood, she maintained her cool and assisted the police to nab the intruder. She admits though, it “was not fun!”

In 2015, Taylor Blanton was home alone and playing video games on the kitchen counter when she heard someone trying to get in from the back door.

Illustration – Pixabay | barryhardman

The then-12-year-old, who was waiting for her mom to come home from work, realized what the man was doing.

She relayed to Inside Edition how she got from the kitchen counter to the wall behind the staircase to take a good look at the man while still keeping herself hidden from his view.

Taylor then proceeded to call the police for assistance.

“There’s a guy trying to break in and I don’t know what to do,” Taylor told the 911 operator.

“Do you have a description of the person?” the operator asked.

“He’s wearing a red auburn T-shirt and he’s wearing a hat, and he has a rag in his back pocket,” Taylor said.

Not only did Taylor have a detailed description of the man, she also discretely filmed and photographed the man, who was lurking in the backyard between homes, with her cell phone.

“He knocked on the door first, then he went to the neighbor’s house,” Taylor said. “And then he kept trying to knock on the back door and tug at it. And then he’s like, banging on the garage.”

Seeing the man act irrational like this, Taylor knew she had to hide. She chose to hide in her bedroom closet.

“If he breaks in, I’m not just going to just be sitting in a chair, like ‘Hi,’” she explained.

With Taylor’s description of the man, in addition to the video she sent to law enforcement, the police managed to nab him, a career criminal, a few blocks away from her house. He tried to defend himself by saying he was just after “a glass of water.”

“That was not fun!” said Taylor of the whole process.

Feeling “rattled” from the incident, the family decided to move out of the area.

Thanks to Taylor though, that’s one less criminal off the block in that neighborhood.

Watch the video below:


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